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People First

"Building Strong Ties with Community and Industry by Putting People First."

Trusted Hand Service, Inc is a nationwide company that hires diverse individuals that excel in a performance-based atmosphere. Our company has a solid record of accomplishment of contract performance. We are committed to quality and unparalleled customer service in all aspects of our business. We provide excellent performance by hiring exceptional individuals. Our goal is to provide employment opportunities that match our employees’ skills to the contract requirements.


Our vision is to integrate a harmonious relationship throughout our company with each employee becoming an integral part of our unified team. As part of our team, you will discover that the pursuit of excellence is regrading aspect of your career here. We believe that you can contribute to the success of our business while sharing our commitment to achieving our goals. 


Trusted Hand Service, Inc believes in "Building Strong Ties with Community and Industry by Putting People First."


People are our product, and each individual contributes to the success of our company and our customers. Our managers use detailed standards of conduct guidance for each of our employees.


This program enforces a progressive discipline policy designed to rehabilitate poor performance as well as reward for exceptional performance. We strictly enforce safety in the workplace and maintain a drug free workforce program. We strive for cultural diversity and take great pride in being an equal opportunity employer.


Our fundamental belief is that in order to recruit and retain high quality employees you must target what motivates each individual. Quite simply, if you meet the needs of the employees, they will most often exceed the expectations of the company. These are some of the basic practices we implement daily to promote a healthy and successful workforce:


  • Clearly Identify Expectations

  • Quality Leadership

  • Open Communication

  • Talent and Skill Utilization

Join The Team

Job Application Below

We are always on the lookout for hard workers looking to excel in the workplace. Please download the provided application and send it in to be considered for any open or future job positions with Trusted Hand Service, Inc.

We appreciate you taking the time to inquire about a career with Trusted Hand Service, Inc and look forward to you joining our staff.

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